Montgomery Man Sentenced to Double-Life for DWI

After being convicted for his 10th Texas DWI, a Montgomery County man has received a Double-Life sentence. He was also charged with threatening a public servant (retaliation).

Is Double-Life Sentencing a bit Much?

Depends on who you ask.

No one was killed in this case and it appears that this man needs counseling & treatment rather than a double life sentence. Also, considering the jury was only informed that he only had “more than 3 DWIs”, shows the importance of prudent jury selection in addition to the potential retribution a jury can inflict on a defendant seen as a threat to society.

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DWI Prevention

There are a number of resources available if you or someone you care about is fighting alcoholism and hoping to avoid the accumulation of DWIs on the criminal background. Knowing your rights, understanding the consequences, and having a support system can go a long way to making sure that this is the last time a man gets a double life sentence to a penitentiary due to victimless drunk driving.

A Moral Sentencing?

It appears that Bobby Gene Martin was sentenced for his potential to be a threat and not for some great tragedy committed at his hands. People who have wiped out entire families due to intoxication manslaughter aren’t even sentenced to a degree this far in extent. However, every case and circumstance is different requiring keen oversight an experience defense attorney.

Charged With DWI In Houston, TX?

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Montgomery, TX Man Sentenced to Double-Life for DWI