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DWI Defense Training

Overview of our extensive DWI training efforts.

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Course Overview


2013 Sex, Drugs, & Surveillance Discussion and implementation and challenges of scientific and forensic evidence commonly used in criminal cases
2012 Axion Labs Gas Chromatography Hands-on training of the science and application of gas chromatography and how mistakes in sample preparation/analysis method can greatly impact the validity and result of the blood alcohol test
2012 Fundamentals of Gas Chromatography Hands-on basic training on the machine and science of testing blood for DWI alcohol levels
2011 DWI & Gas Chromatography: Defeating the Blood Test Case Challenging the DWI blood draw from the time of the actual blood draw to the time of crime lab analysis
2011 DWI Defense Project Science and strategy behind defending DWI breath and blood cases
2011 The Scientific Truth About HS-GC-FID & The Pharmacology Of ETOH, Marijuana, & Benzodiazepines Recognition of the effects of alcohol, marijuana, and other commonly prescribed anxiety/depression/seizure medications and the science behind how to properly test and analyze these substances for DWI purposes
2009 The Intoxilyzer 8000 Operator’s Course Advanced course to operate the Intox. 8000. The next generation Breath Testing Device
2008 Forensic Blood & Urine Forensic Laboratory Seminar Advanced seminar that concentrated on the methods of blood and urine testing in DWI
2008 Scientific Issues in Judging Intoxication & SFST Research Science training course to further understand to SFST on the average person.
2007 NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor Certification Course National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-Received certification as an Instructor of the 24 hour SFST Course.
2007 Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN)—Behavioral & Vision Science Perspectives Science training course that focused on HGN.
2006 Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Battery The 24 hour course with additional materials for attorneys who defend DWI cases.

Related Seminars


Multiple years Mastering Scientific Evidence in DWI cases Seminar that provides training in the science and technology of DWI defense.
Multiple years The National College for DUI Defense – Summer Session The ultimate training in DWI defense.
Multiple years NACDL Annual DWI Seminar- Las Vegas Intensive DWI training by The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer
Multiple years Top Gun DWI – Houston Training in Houston that follows the DWI case from start to finish
Multiple years Stewart Kinard Advanced DWI Seminar Seminar on Advanced DWI defense techniques in Texas
Multiple years Rusty Duncan Advanced Criminal Law Course Fighting criminal cases at all stages of trial – excluding evidence, exculpatory evidence, closing argument

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