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We Can Work Wonders For Motorists Accused of Drunk Driving!

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If you’ve been arrested for DWI in Waller County, TX its important to understand that we can defend you against these charges, that DWI charges can be beat/dismissed, and that attorney Tad A. Nelson is one of the best trained attorneys in our region for fighting criminal charges that are based purely on scientific evidence (in the context of human biochemistry as it relates to alcohol induced intoxication).

Board Certified® in Criminal Law

As a lawyer who is Board Certified in Criminal Law, you can be assured that Waller County DWI lawyer Tad A. Nelson is beyond competent as a criminal lawyer. Of the over 85,000 lawyers in Texas, less than 10% are Board Certified by the TBLS, an agency sanctioned by the Texas Supreme Court to certify lawyers in 16 specific areas of law.

Service Areas

Since 1995 We’ve Fought DWI Charges in Waller County.

  • Katy, TX
  • Brookshire, TX
  • Hempstead, TX
  • Pattison, TX
  • Prairie View, TX
  • Waller, TX
  • Shiloh, TX
  • Pine Island, TX
  • Fields Stone, TX
  • Monavilla, TX
  • Second Corinth, TX

Criminal Justice Resources

Map To The Waller County Courthouse

Waller County Criminal Courts & Criminal Justice Resources

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