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Texas Driver License Suspension & DWI

Administrative License Revocation

Information on this page is related to potential Texas Drivers License issues that people arrested for DWI offenses in the Houston area may have to deal with. If you need to have your questions answered directly, or need to consult with our highly experienced DWI defense lawyers, contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates by calling 713-802-1631.

Will My License Be Suspended?

Important info to help information seekers determine whether or not their Texas Drivers License will be suspended due to a DWI offense in Houston.

Facts About Administrative License Revocation

Facts and other important info relating to Administrative License Revocation, ALR Hearings, and the suspension of your Texas Drivers License.

CDL Suspension (Commercial Driver License)

Are you a Houston truck driver and need to know how Texas DWI laws may affect your Commercial Drivers License? Learn more on this page.

Occupational License Suspension

Learn more about circumstances that could put you at risk of the suspension of an occupational drivers license.

Texas ALR

Learn about the other half of dealing with criminal charges involving DWI, aside from jail time, and criminal fines.

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