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Fresno DWI Defense Lawyer

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Fresno, TX sees its fair share of DWI offenses as the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputies are often seen making stops, and performing arrests of residents and visitors for Drunk Driving, and detaining them for Suspicion of Drunk Driving.

If you’ve been charged with a drunk driving or public intoxication offense in Fresno, Texas, the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates is interested in hearing from you. As one of the premier criminal defense law firms in the Houston area, the DWI defense lawyers of our law firm are among the best trained and most experienced.

Board Certified in Criminal Law, Tad Nelson

Lawyers Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock are serious about providing a first class defense to our clients. If you’ve been charged with any form of drunk driving offense, you’ll have a criminal background. Fight the Charge!

We’re Polished DWI Lawyers

Both lawyers Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock hold the following credentials;

  • ACS/CHAL Lawyer-Scientist,
  • Recognized as SuperLawyers for the Houston area,
  • Members of the National College of DUI Defense,
  • and are both Students of Forensic Science.

Fresno , TX Judicial Resources

Fort Bend County Jail
1410 Ransom Rd
Richmond, TX 77469
Phone: 281-341-4735

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office
1410 Williams Way Blvd
Richmond, TX 77469
Phone: 281-341-4704

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Fresno, TX is a city of nearly 20,000 Texans which is bordered to north by Houston, is in close proximity to Pearland, and west of the Missouri CityStafford area. Law enforcement services for Fresno, TX are provided by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department; the chief police agency in Fort Bend County, TX.

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