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Firefighter Learns of Alarming Consequences of a DWI Arrest

Updated: Jul 20, 2023 @ 5:46 pm

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A story out of Dallas provides alarming proof that anyone facing DWI charges needs to lawyer up—and quickly. According to The Real News, a Dallas firefighter lost his job when police arrested him for DWI even though he was not intoxicated. Even worse, the police attempted to submit evidence even after the statute of limitations had expired and the suspect could no longer face prosecution.

This flagrantly unfair act raises questions about whether DWI defendants can get a fair shake. If you’re facing questionable criminal charges related to allegations of drunk driving, call Tad Nelson & Associates for immediate assistance.

Miscommunication—or Unethical Behavior

The story began in April 2021, when Thomas, a Dallas firefighter, was pulled over while driving. Police initially claimed that Thomas was walking slowly and slurred his speech during field sobriety tests, as reported on their probable cause report. They also alleged he had used prescription Adderall. Consequently, they performed both alcohol and drug tests and arrested him. As a result, the Dallas Fire Department performed an internal investigation and ultimately forced Thomas into early retirement.

As the years rolled by, however, Thomas never faced criminal charges. And when contacted by reporters, the prosecutor’s office claimed that they never received any evidence from the police department about Thomas’ arrest. When reporters questioned the police department, they found out that the PD tried to submit evidence a month after the statute of limitations had ended—which, of course, is too late.

Police have blamed the state’s crime lab for a slow turnaround time on drug test results. But the defendant’s alcohol test came back negative—meaning he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol the night of his arrest. This was little surprise since he had not had any alcohol to drink for 30 years.

Unfortunately, the negative test result will not result in Thomas getting his job back. Indeed, the Fire Department relied only on the Sheriff’s sworn affidavit when seeking to force Thomas out of his job.

You Deserve a Solid Defense

This story shows that even a DWI arrest can have very harsh consequences. You don’t even have to be convicted for your employer to find out and ultimately let you go. Those who are completely innocent can struggle to obtain justice and restore their reputation.

We can help. At Tad Nelson, we can:

  • Defend you from DWI charges
  • Ask a judge to dismiss charges when evidence exonerates you
  • Ask a judge to expunge your arrest record when you are not convicted.
  • Seek an Order of Non Disclosure for your criminal record.

Unlike other lawyers, we will never automatically recommend that you plead guilty. Nor will we let your case languish without finding out what is going on. The sad part of Thomas’ story is that no one told him that the police had not sent his case to the prosecution. For years he has thought charges were pending against him.

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