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Are You a Texas Teacher Accused of DWI?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023 @ 3:44 pm

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According to a recent study by the Journal of Education Human Resources, DWI is one of the leading reasons why teachers are sanctioned in Texas. Researchers found that in a 10-year period (2007 to 2017), 642 Texas teachers were sanctioned for drug use, which was second behind only sexual offenses. Drug use included a citation for DWI for either alcohol or drugs.

If you are a teacher accused of DWI, you can face many challenges. Some of them will relate to your job and whether your school district or the state board chooses to sanction you. Other problems are criminal in nature, such as potential time behind bars, fines, and license suspension.

Please contact Tad Nelson & Associates right away if you are facing a DWI charge. We can discuss how to defend these cases, which could make a difference in your ability to continue with your chosen profession.

Almost 1 in 5 Sanctions Are Drug or Alcohol Related

In total, 3,525 teachers were sanctioned in Texas during the study period. About 19% of them were for drug violations. Other crimes included providing alcohol to a minor, which could also result in DWI-related charges.

When convicted, a teacher could face sanctions from the State Board for Educator Certification. These sanctions range from a written reprimand to a temporary suspension. Some teachers even have their licenses permanently revoked, though this would be the most serious consequence.

Interestingly, about equal numbers of men and women teachers were sanctioned for drug violations: 334 men and 308 women. Other offenses, like sexual offenses, were much more heavily skewed toward men. However, because men only represented roughly 22% of teachers in the study, the odds of a male teacher having a DWI were much higher than that for women.

The Importance of a Solid DWI Defense

A DWI arrest creates other problems for teachers. You will lose your driver’s license, which can make getting to your job much more difficult. Although you might receive an occupational license, which will allow you to drive to work, there are often strings attached.

Our DWI attorneys can fight your DWI arrest at both an administrative license revocation hearing and before a judge. There are many ways to fight a DWI, including by challenging the constitutionality of your stop or search, as well as arguing that reasonable doubt exists about whether you were intoxicated.

Generally, Texas teachers face discipline when they commit 2 or more DWIs in a 12-month period. But depending on the circumstances, you might face sanction for even one conviction, such as getting into an accident that kills someone. You also face sanctions for failing to report criminal charges to the Board for Education Certification, which is a violation of their ethical rules.

We Strongly Recommend Securing the Assistance of an Attorney

Texas closely regulates the teaching profession, and any arrest could be personally and professionally embarrassing. Determine whether you can fight back against the charges. Contact our law office to speak with a DWI attorney in a free and confidential consultation.

Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A Nelson is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the TBLS.

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