Texas Documentary Star Arrested for Drunk Driving

Texas readers may have heard about a cable television show called “Black Gold.” Set in Texas, the documentary profiles the real-life exploits of workers on Texas oil drilling rigs. The work demands imposed on workers on the rigs can be grueling and dangerous.

Yet as might be expected, the drama that is recorded on the show often extends beyond working hours. In some cases, drilling workers have high-tension conflicts arising from probation requirements, roommate troubles, or the occasional poor choice of driving while intoxicated. One oilfield worker recently found himself in that situation.

The 31-year-old man was recently arrested and jailed for his second DWI charge. He was released on a $1,500 bond. The charge, a Class A misdemeanor, is in addition to two Class B misdemeanor charges the man received for alleged traffic violations stemming from his drunk driving incident. Authorities allege the man failed to properly stop and also struck an unattended vehicle, causing more than $200 in property damage.

It’s unclear whether this arrest will impede the man’s status as a documentary television star. However, since “Black Gold” profiles the lives of rig workers, the man’s television coverage may be dependent on his employment status. In that regard, a DWI sometimes has unintended, adverse effects on an individual’s professional life.

Seek a Houston DWI Lawyer

In this case, there may yet be hope, as the man’s DWI charge was not a felony. However, if the man receives a third DWI, that offense typically carries a felony charge. With the help of a Houston DWI attorney, the man may be able to rehabilitate his drinking behavior and keep his job — and his television stardom.

Source: brownsvilleherald.com, “‘Black Gold’ driller arrested for alleged DWI,” April 3, 2013