Off-duty Texas Cop Arrested For Alleged DWI

Houston readers might know of other individuals, or even friends, that have faced a charge for driving while intoxicated. As evidenced by the record high number of DWI arrests in Harris County and across the state of Texas, DWI charges are among the more common criminal defense proceedings. Yet many individuals doubt that such a situation would ever happen to them.

However, a recent news story demonstrates that a commitment to drink responsibly requires constant vigilance. Specifically, a recent DWI arrest involved an unlikely suspect: a 15-year veteran on the Dallas police force.

Although the Texas police officer was off-duty at the time, he may have been drunk driving. The 38-year-old man was arrested on a recent Saturday evening after allegedly causing a traffic accident.

The crash happened in Rockwall, near an intersection of Highways 205 and 276. Local authorities responding to the scene apparently became suspicious of the off-duty officer while interviewing him about what happened. They even obtained a warrant for a blood draw.

After determining that there was sufficient probable cause for a DWI arrest, authorities transported the off-duty officer to the local jail, where he spent the night. He was released the next morning on a $500 bond.

Although this alcohol-related crash may be the off-duty officer’s first, it could nevertheless have permanent consequences for him. In addition to the criminal case, the off-duty officer’s employer may also be considering adverse employment actions against him. The Dallas Police Department placed the man on administrative leave, and the incident has been referred to an internal affairs investigation.

The outcome of that internal proceeding may result in the man losing his job. Yet if the man is able to minimize the DWI charges against him, possibly through the help of an attorney, he might also be able to save his job.

Source:, “Dallas cop arrested on DWI charge in Rockwall,” May 27, 2013

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