AAA Texas To Fight Drunk Driving on July 4th with Free Tows

Texas readers might have heard about various safety and enforcement campaigns aimed at improving driver safety and minimizing drunk driving accidents over the Fourth of July holiday. Groups like local chapters of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, as well as Galveston and Houston area officials are devoting extra resources to such efforts.

Another creative approach directly targets individuals who might be most at risk of driving while intoxicated. Called the Tipsy Tow service, the program is sponsored by AAA Texas and will offer a free, 10-mile tow of a driver’s car for an 18-hour period, beginning at 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening and concluding at midnight on Thursday, July 4.

Distances longer than 10 miles are possible, provided the passenger pays for the excess mileage charges. That rate of payment can be settled before the tow.

Best of all, a variety of individuals can request or refer the service for a friend. For example, bartenders who might be concerned about a patron can call the service, with no need for personal identification information or a reservation. However, readers should be advised that the service applies only for the driver, not to any passengers.

In recent posts, we’ve profiled a number of public officials who have been charged with first-time DWI charges. Unfortunately, many of those individuals suffered adverse employment consequences.

Even if an individual facing first offense DWI charges has job security, the prospect of incurring a criminal record might have unforeseen future consequences.

For a driver that has not gone through a DWI trial before, these issues might not be apparent. For a Galveston DWI defense attorney, however, such issue spotting might be all in a day’s work.

Source:, “AAA Texas offers free Tipsy Tow service in Texas on July 4,” July 2, 2013