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Texas Driver Suspected of DWI Crashes into Patrol Car

Updated: Jul 9, 2023 @ 2:54 pm

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Responsible driving for some means not having anything to drink before driving. For others, it may mean pacing their drinking so that blood alcohol levels remain well below the legal limit.

If a driver is stopped on suspicion of drunk driver, an officer may ask a series of questions about the driver’s destination, drinking consumption that night, and driving speed. The driver may also interrupt, possibly to gauge whether a driver is clear-headed enough to handle multiple questions at once.

The officer may also ask for a copy of the Texas Driver License and for proof of insurance. Based on the officer’s impression of the driver’s responses, the officer may make a determination whether grounds exist for further questioning or testing.

In today’s story, however, a Texas driver bypassed all of these typical prerequisites in a rather unconventional way: namely, by smashing into a police officer’s car.

In a strange set of coincidences, three officers in two patrol cars had already stopped a driver on suspicion of drunk driving, arrested him, and placed him in the back set of one of the cars at around 6:00 a.m. During the arrest, the officers were notified of an additional driver suspected of driving under the influence in their vicinity.

During the officers’ transport of the first suspect, however, the Texas driver proceeded to crash into one of the cars. The crash, apparently alcohol-related, occurred along Interstate 35E, near the President George Bush Turnpike. The officers were treated for minor injuries at local hospitals at released later in the day. It is unclear whether a blood alcohol or breath test was performed on the Texas driver.

In this case, the Texas driver may fear that the crash raises a presumption of drunk driving. However, an experienced DWI criminal defense attorney knows that challenges may be available for any part of the arrest record.

Even if it is too late to avoid a DWI charge, it may not be too late to avoid the common DWI mistakes people make after they’ve been arrested and released. An attorney can counsel DWI defendants on how to conduct themselves after an arrest, to avoid making matters worse.

Source:, “Suspected DWI Crash Hurts 2 Carrollton Cops,” Jan. 20, 2013

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Texas Driver Suspected of DWI Crashes into Patrol Car

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