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Clear Lake Shores DWI Attorney

Arrested for DWI in Clear Lake Shores, TX?

From the moment you’re arrested and charged with Drunk Driving, the process of the suspension of your Texas Drivers License is automatically initiated. In fact, the arresting officer may take your Texas Drivers License from you on the spot depending on the Blood Alcohol Level they calculate using their blood alcohol level detection devices.

To expand on the conversation of Blood Alcohol Content, if your BAC level is over 0.8, you may face more serious criminal charges which include the strong possibility of felony DWI classification.

If you need help with a situation like this, contact the DWI attorneys at the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, immediately.

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Clear Lake Shores DWI Defense

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Clear Lake Shores, TX Judicial Resources

Clear Lake Shores Police Department
1006 South Shore Dr
Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565
Phone: 281-334-1034

Galveston County Sheriff’s Office
601 54th St
Galveston, TX 77551
Phone: 409-766-2300

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Located in close proximity to Kemah is the shore-side town of Clear Lake Shores, TX. The city has its own police department, is located within the legal jurisdiction of Galveston County, TX, and has a population of roughly 1,000. If you’ve been arrested for a crime in Clear Lake Shores, contact an experienced DWI lawyer that serves Greater Houston, if not Tad Nelson himself.

Clear Lake Shores DWI Attorney | Galveston County

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