A Note of Caution for Spring Break Drivers in Texas

Throughout the month of March, Texas highway patrols report that they will be closely monitoring drivers along Highway 37 — a route taken by many college students traveling to South Padre for spring break.

Although the extra enforcement does not appear to involve checkpoints, local authorities will be watching drivers for traditional signs of driving while intoxicated, such as speeding, erratic driving and weaving. Authorities state that anyone with a legal blood alcohol limit in excess of 0.08 will likely be charged and arrested for DWI.

Drivers arrested for drunk driving may be sent to the county jail, even first time DWI offenders. Once in jail, there’s no guarantee that a DWI arrestee will get bond. Yet that could be a mixed blessing, as one officer estimates that the cost of bond and legal fees will be around $17,000.

Additional consequences may include losing a driver’s license and mandatory alcohol classes.

A youthful indiscretion with drinking and driving may also last well beyond one’s youth. Even for a first offense DWI, a conviction might become part of a driver’s record and permanently impact their insurance rates and any future instances of DWI violations.

Needless to say, spring break travelers are advised to wait until they have arrived at their main destination — and have parked their cars — before imbibing in the traditional spring break drink of choice. For any drivers that do find they are facing DWI charges, an experienced Galveston DWI attorney might be able to help minimize the repercussions. A smart, well trained and experience Galveston County DWI attorney can mount an effective defense and ensure that a driver’s legal rights are protected.