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Tad Nelson & Associates provides experienced and aggressive DWI defense representation to people throughout Galveston County, and Harris County, TX.

Our comprehensive DWI representation encompasses all of the issues that arise when you are arrested on suspicion of DWI in Houston, League City, Galveston, or anywhere throughout Texas.

Former Prosecuting Attorney

Our founding lawyer, former Galveston County assistant district attorney Tad Nelson, understands how Texas prosecutors approach Driving While Intoxicated cases and employs that working knowledge to help our clients minimize/avoid the consequences of an arrest and conviction.

DUI Defense Lawyers Association

Attorney Tad Nelson is a founding member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association. An organization dedicated to educating America’s top echelon DUI lawyers.

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Our comprehensive defense representation, encompassing both your criminal case and license suspension hearing, gives you the best chance to minimize the damage that a DWI can inflict on your life.

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Overview of Texas DWI Laws & Penalties