Texas Man Arrested for DWI, Child Passenger

Officials from the Houston Police Department are investigating whether a recent motor vehicle crash was alcohol-related.

According to reports, a Texas man driving a Chevrolet Suburban just after midnight on a recent Tuesday when he ran a red light. The man collided into an ambulance operated by the Houston Fire Department. The force of the impact tipped the ambulance on its side, causing injury to the two paramedics inside. They were transported to a local hospital for medical condition, and they are reportedly in stable condition.

The SUV also sustained damage, but fortunately its occupants — the man and a six-month-old baby in a child seat — did not appear to be seriously injured. However, if driving while intoxicated is determined to be at play in this crash, the man will be facing felony DWI charges because of his minor passenger.

Drivers in Texas may not realize that it is possible to be charged with separate DWI charges arising from a single incident. For example, the Administrative License Revocation for failing a breath or blood alcohol test is separate from the criminal court case.

Here, a conviction for DWI with a child passenger may result in license suspension, a prison sentence of up to two years and potential fines up to $10,000. In addition, additional penalties might be brought because of the injuries arising from this DWI incident.

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Source: khou.com, “DWI suspect crashes into HFD ambulance,” June 18, 2013

Texas Man Arrested for DWI, Child Passenger