Texas Drunk Driving Suspect Is Fired From His Job

It might come as no surprise to many of our Houston, Galveston, League City and Clear Lake area readers to learn that drunk driving offenses may have long-term consequences, including potential employment obstacles. A recent story involving a former Texas police official illustrates just how long those repercussions might last.

The official held a high level position, as former chief of staff to a local Texas police chief. The man was also a major in that Texas police department. Unfortunately, the man was arrested for driving for intoxicated six months ago, while he was off duty.

The DWI arrest led to an almost immediate demotion. However, the man’s employment troubles didn’t end there. According to a recent media release, the man was recently terminated from the force.

A Houston DWI defense lawyer might agree that adding employment difficulties to the concerns of a DWI suspect might contradict the aims of the criminal justice system. Admittedly, Texas laws against drunk driving are intended to deter DWI offenders. However, rehabilitation should also be an aim of that system.

Houston DWI Attorney Tad NelsonIndividuals who made a one-time, irresponsible choice about drinking and driving are often productive members of society.

Although additional prosecutorial concerns may be at play in the case of DWI vehicular manslaughter, it doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s best interest to add unemployment to the list of potential DWI penalties.

Fortunately, some prosecutors might be open to the possibility of individual rehabilitation. A Houston DWI attorney might suggest rehabilitation or other alcohol awareness programs as a mitigating factor, possibly resulting in a lower sentence and minimized jail time.

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